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Hi everyone !

I challenged my own family to embrace a Zero Waste Lifestyle  in less than 6 months Yes! it’s possible when you go step by step!

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What we learned on the environment crisis  
gave us the strength 
to drastically change 
our consumption habits and lifestyle
for the sake of our kids' future.

Maybe you feel concerned too …

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Are you interested in living more sustainably, but aren’t sure where to start?

Are you interested to save up to 30 % of your budget?

You can not find sustainable products near you? Do you need motivation with personal consulting/coaching ?


Your new Zero Waste Lifestyle

with My ZeroKit

Start one by one.

Use it, make habits 
for a few days 
then compose the next kits 

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Gift Certificate available  here


WHAT I DO I highlight helpful resources, host workshops and events, offer zero waste consulting/ coaching for individuals, and work to build a supportive, inclusive community that encourages  to transition to zero waste. With the different Essential Kits you will find Eco-friendly product’s alternatives that I use everyday to avoid plastics when possible. Thanks to Amazon, my product selection will be delivered right to your door. Ask for  “special no extra plastic Wrapping Delivery”.

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