Green School Audit


What Is A Green School?

At MyZerokit with the help of the Green Schools Initiative, we use a “Four Pillars” framework that integrates efforts to reduce schools’ ecological footprints, make school environments healthier, and get the whole community thinking about solutions to the problems we face.

We encourage schools to use the Precautionary Principle: “Better Safe than Sorry.”

The Pillars cover everything from new construction to maintenance, food service to gardens, and office supplies to classroom curricula.We believe it is essential to protect children’s health – at school and in the world beyond school – and we work to catalyze and support “green” actions by kids, teachers, parents, and policymakers to reduce the environmental footprint of schools by:

  • Eliminating toxics

  • Using resources sustainably

  • Creating green schoolyards and buildings

  • Serving healthy food and

  • Teaching environmental literacy and stewardship

 A growing body of evidence shows that “green” schools that integrate sustainable facilities, healthy operations, and environmental curricula result in environmental and financial savings, improved health for students and staff, and better academic achievement.

Get started!MyZeroKit got tools like a sample vision statement, information on forming a Green Committee, and a Report Card Quiz that you can use to measure how green your school is. We can guide you in an environmental assessment of your school, and lead you step-by-step to achieving your school’s green goals.

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