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MyZerokit Educational Programs* have been created by the owner of MyZerokit.com and of Mylittleartmuseum.com, Delphine Pilarski, Educator and Artistic Director holding a Climate Change Education Certificate by edX and a Sustainable Packaging in a Circular Economy Certificate by DeltX, Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands.

Certificat Delphine Climate ChangeDelftX SPCEx Certificate _ edX

As a Mom, as an Educator, I believe that young people who are educated about sustainability are tomorrow’s zero waste adults.”


MyZeroKit PRESENTATIONS and GAMES ARE DESIGNED TO BE INTERACTIVE, AGE-APPROPRIATE, EDUCATIONAL AND FUN following the 5 steps for Effective Environmental Education


  • Learner–Oriented –Programs support the development of personal meaning through the learning process, with emphasis on age–appropriateness and ongoing (even life–long) learning
  • Promotes Wonder –Programs incorporate inquiry and discovery–based approaches that build appreciation for the natural and built environment
  • In Context of Place/Community –Programs place learning in the context of the local, relate directly to the learner’s life and culture, and encourage civic engagement
  • Action–Oriented –Programs incorporate approaches that are hands–on, address real problems, and build confidence and hope
  • Focus on Relationships –Programs forge connections across and outward from specific areas of study –integrate across issues such as water quality, energy production and economic development; cross disciplinary boundaries of academic subjects such as science and language arts; connect classroom and out–of–school learning; relate the local to the regional and global.
Source: Jack Chin, “Bay Area Environmental Education: How Do We Know We’re Making a Difference?”Draft Report, Blueprint Research and Design, April 30, 2004.


web-greenEnvironmental Science for ages 10 years and up.

 Tuition is $165/student/ 8 weeks plus a $10 supply fee. 10 students max.
Students will study topics relating to the environment, its resources, quality, and ethical issues and learn about biogeochemical cycles, energy flow within biotic systems, weather and climate, the effects of agriculture, pollution and population growth on our planet. We will use games, videos even theater !


web-green45 min Class or upon request for elementary students (K- 4 grade) with Stories, Games and Activity Books. $10/student/class. REGISTER HERE

web-greenWall-E ‘ 2 hours Camp for elementary students (K-5) for School event, Winter camp or Summer camp. $20/student (4-7 students) $15 (8-11 students) Event or for schools $8 (12 – +30 students) REGISTER HERE 

web-green 1 HOUR  / week / Tuesdays 3:30 pm am to 4:30 pm Class for middle & high school students (6-12 grade) $20/class REGISTER HERE

several options:

  • Green Club : Zero Waste Action
  • Special Climate Change THEATER Action with the collaboration of MyLittleArtMuseum  

“Art for the Earth: Artists on Climate Change” featuring theatrical performance, visual artwork and spoken poetry. 

  • Eco-Green Architecture of Tomorrow
  • Eco-Villages and Permaculture



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0-Lighting the Way banner

About Climate Change Theater Action: a branch of the art-driven environmental awareness movement.

Over the past couple of decades, it has become undeniable that climate change is happening, and is one of the most critical issues facing our planet. If bold actions aren’t taken to do something to reserve the current trends, scientists say that the long-term impact could be catastrophic.

While our current political leaders are largely ignorant of these issues, that’s not stopping the artists working on the Climate Change Theatre Action initiative from doing what they can to increase awareness of what’s happening to our environment.

Climate Change Theatre Action (CCTA) started out in 2015 as a collaboration between NoPassport Theatre Alliance, The Arctic Cycle and Theatre Without Borders, and in 2017 expanded to include the Center for Sustainable Practice in the Arts and York University. Many of the organizers and collaborators involved are talented playwrights, actors and directors who have dedicated their work to these issues.

It is a series of 50 short plays focused around climate change – written by various playwrights all across the globe – with readings and performances scheduled to take throughout October and November. During that time, this worldwide series will be taking place in theatres, high schools, universities, eco-centers, community centers, on radio, and outdoors, with the overall goal raising awareness of the UN Conference of the Parties on climate change.

All across America and the rest of the world, there are many CCTA-related events going on. Not only are they occurring in New York, but also in other cities in America such as Los Angeles, Denver, Boston and Chicago, along with events in several other countries such as Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Mexico, Japan, and many more.

Let’s do it in your School, your Community Center…

I’m grateful that I received access to the 50 plays by the CCTA.

Come to join us and Register here! 

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