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From books to non-toxic toys, 
it's easy to find 
a gift that makes a positive impact.

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Buying Second hands toys or books but also clothes ! Or offer memories like Sport classes, Art classes, Music classes, 
Theater tickets ...or only Your Time to play board games.

 Books about Nature and Environment

English Edition




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French Edition

+3 years Old


+ 8 years old

+ 10 years old

 GOOD NEWS !!!! 
Tv adaptation available soon, 
hopefully in English too !

 (Superprod adapte 
"Les Zenfants zéro déchet" et ouvre 
un bureau à Los Angeles. 
Date de publication : 08/02/2018 
Superprod a signé un accord 
avec Jérémie Pichon, Bénédicte Moret et
 Thierry Souccar
 Éditions pour l'adaptation audiovisuelle 
du livre Les Zenfants zéro déchet.)

Wooden Toys

Recycled cardboard, FSC sustainably 
sourced wood and non-toxic water based 
or soy-inks