All the products
I suggest are sold on Amazon.


About Amazon and sustainability, they are making huge progress, if you want to learn more about it : here
Here are 3 tips to avoid a maximum of plastic wrapping and to recycle Amazon boxes :
  • Make a list of 
    all the products of myzerokit 
    you would like. 
    Make sure to make a larger order 
    than a smaller one.
    Ask Amazon to put in one box 
    or "package my order in one box" 
  • Write an email to 
    Amazon Customer Service
    *ask them to make a note in your account 
    to avoid plastic packaging 
    or avoid extra packaging when possible.

email amazon

Does Amazon take boxes back?
Now it's trying to boost recycling efforts by joining the Give Back Box program. 
The goal is to encourage Amazon customers to re-use their boxes to donate clothing
or other goods to GoodWill Industries.
Participants can print outa free shipping 
label from the program's website,
and Amazon pays the shipping.

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