My ZeroKit Kitchen

FD74C076-0CAD-4E56-A8C6-BCDF00DF06B4Some new good habits such as :

reusable food storage wraps 
instead of Plastic film

For your Cooking, use the professionnal 
non-stick baking mat 
certified compostable parchemin paper

Instead of plastic frozen bags,
 use cotton bags,
 glass jar or pyrex containers

For your left over or if you cook 
in advance meals

(instead of buying frozen processed food ):

 Making your own Yogurt

For your coffee or tea


For Keurig Users

Feeling guilty about your capsule coffee habit? You’re not alone. The founder of Keurig himself has said he regrets introducing single-cup coffee makers to the world, since those little plastic K-Cups are now clogging trash cans. But if you already have a Keurig — and many people do — there’s a simple way to reduce your daily coffee waste:

invest in eco-friendly K-Cups.

Useful products :

For Your Compost :


or invest in your own composter


Indoor Compost

For your conventional Trash bin,

use a compostable bag instead of black plastic bags.
These bags are strong enough