delphineDelphine is a Zero Waster Consultant and Educator.

She holds a Certificate of Climate Change Education, a Certificate of Sustainable Packaging in Circular Economy and a French Certificate MOOC Zero Dechet (Zero Waste France) by the University of the Colibris. 

Certificat Delphine Climate Change

DelftX SPCEx Certificate _ edX

Attestation Mooc des Colibris zero dechet Pilarski0_LI

Founder of MyZeroKit and Zero Dechet Usa, Delphine is a Lifelong Environmentalist.

Continuing her knowledge in her Environment Studies such as Climate Change Education, Circular Economy, Sustainable Urban Environment, Ecodesign for cities and Suburbs and the Health Effects of Climate Change at Harvard Continuing Studies edX helped her to create special educational programs for the young students.

She  offers fun Educational Green Workshops and Sustainability Games for Children (K-middle schoolers). But also Green School Audit, Zero Waste Conferences for schools, community centers and Consulting Services/Audit for individuals /groups.

Since her youngest age, she has been aware about pollution on our planet. At age 15, she remember asking the High School Principal to install recycling bins but it was not yet a global trend… then she had to make a choice with her 2 passions: Environment and Art. She even contacted the former French Environmental Minister, Segolene Royal, to understand how to become an environmental lawyer. She finally followed Art Education later on…to become an Art Dealer for years!  She is an Art Instructor teaching Visual Arts and French Culture now at My Little Art Museum.


Since 2008, living in the Eco-friendly city of San Francisco, she started a sustainable lifestyle with her children and husband. Like buying and selling second hand gently used children clothes since her first born. She even created (8 years ago) a website for selling gently used quality clothes from French Brand. Gently used kids clothes

“I challenged my own family to embrace a Zero Waste Lifestyle  very quickly step by step. What we learned on the environment crisis gave us the strength to drastically change our consumption habits and lifestyle for the sake of our kids’ future.”

But it was not enough, she wanted to achieve her zero waste goal. She realized she still needed 3 elements to succeed : 

Essential Kits, Tips and Coaching.

She is ready to share with you things that worked for her, in the hope that you may find inspiration and ideas. 

After many readings, documentaries, videos, getting inspired by Bea JohnsonRob Greenfield, Jerome Pichon, Cyril Dion, Nathalie Isaacs, Paul Connet, Hubert Reeves...  ( books and DVDs are available here) her journey into the Zero-Waste Lifestyle took off.

“This website I hope will help you start step by step your Zero-Waste Lifestyle.

Please do it at your own rhythm !” Delphine

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