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About Dog Poop

Dog waste is a sustainability problem in most municipalities!
Compostable bags are arguably even worse than regular plastic
 bags when used improperly, and that’s largely due to how misleading compostable bags are. 
Because biodegrading requires oxygen, 
and landfills suffocate waste.

You can actually compost your dog’s waste. Do definitely 
NOT mix the dog waste with your regular compost,
it needs to be an entirely separate entity. 
But if you have the room, this is very possible. 
Here’s a super thorough how-to guide from
 explaining the benefits and process of composting dog waste.


Some Possible Solutions:

Flush it.


Here’s what the EPA says:

  • Flush it down the toilet. The water in your toilet goes to a sewage treatment plant that removes most pollutants before the water reaches a river or stream. To prevent plumbing problems, don’t flush debris or litter or cat litter. Cat feces may be flushed but used litter should be put in a securely closed bag in the trash. 

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